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We can fully understand our customer PCB assembly needs and take their time-to-market, that’s why our customers choose us for their PCB Manufacturing & Assembly partners. The following table is for your check our PCB Assembly Capability,please send your query to info@dukepcb.com,if you have some special requirements for the PCB Assembly work.

Finish Times Volume  Solder Types
PCBA Prototypes:1-3 days.

Bulk PCB Assembly:Scheduled deliveries.

No minimum order quantity
Engineering prototypes
Low cost first article builds
Lead-free/RoHS compliant
No-clean process available
Parts Procurement Stencils Ball Grid Arrays (BGA)
Partial Turnkey
Laser cut stainless steel
Nano-coating available
As small as .5mm pitch
All BGA placements are x-ray inspected
Assembly Types Component Types Other Capabilities
Surface Mount (SMT)
Mixed Technology (SMT/Thru-hole)
Single or double sided placement
As small as 0402 package
As small as 0201 with design review
Pitch components as small as 15 mil
Repair/Rework services
Mechanical Assembly
Box Build/Electromechanical Assembly