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Category Capability
Type HF(High-Frequency)&(Radio Frequency) board, Impedance controlled board , HDI board ,BGA& Fine Pitch board
Layers 1-32
Board Thickness 0.4mm-3.2 mm
Minimum Hole Size 0.1mm
Minimum Line Width / Space 0.075mm
Minimum SMT Space 0.20mm
Maximum Board Dimension 635mm X 1200mm
Laminate Material FR4, High TG, High CTI, Halogen free,Polyimide, Rogers, Teflon, Arlon,Aluminum
Plating HAL (SnPb), Lead-free HAL (SnCuNi), Immersion Gold, Hard Gold,Gold Fingers,OSP, Immersion Tin, Peelable Mask,Carbon Ink
Technology Blind & Buried Via, BGA, Impedance Control
Solder Mask Nanya&Taiyo ;LPI & Matt Red, green, yellow,white, blue,black.
Board Profile NC-Drill, NC-Rout, V-Cut or routed arrays and Edge Bevelling
Tolerance Plated holes Tolerance:0.08mm(min±0.05)
Non-plated hole tolerance:0.05min(min+0/-0.05mm or +0.05/-0mm)
Outline Tolerance:0.15min(min±0.10mm)
Functional test :
Insulating resistance : 50 ohms (mormality)
Peel off strength: 1.4N/mm
Thermal Stress test :2650c,20 seconds
Solder mask hardness:6H
E-Test voltage :500V+15/-0V 30S
Warp and Twist: 0.7% (semiconductor test board≤0.3% )