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  • carbon oil PCB

Carbon Oil Process from Duke Circuit Co.,Ltd

The Carbon Oil Process in fact is use the screen printing technology, printed carbon oil in the specified location of the PCB board, after oven cured and tested,formed a carbon film which with certain resistance to instead of the original resistance components. In fact, the production process is the same with the silk screen,to insist [...]

The Hardware Engineers may need use these twenty circuits at any time

If you are the electronic enthusiasts,or the students whose major are Automation,Electronic or Electronic control,should remember and familiar with the following twenty basic analog circuits. If you want be an excellent maintenance and repair technician for electronic products and industrial control equipment,you should have the ability to analyze the role of all components in these 20 circuits,can [...]

Some experience for printed circuit board design

For electronic products, printed circuit board design is the absolutely necessary process  from the electrical schematic diagram to a specific product. The design's rationality very closed to the production and  the product's quality, and for many designers who just engaged in electronic design are less experience in this field, the printed circuit boards designed from [...]

  • female sex toys

Electronic Female Sex Toy

From July of 2015,we done many Turn-Key Service for Female Sex Toys projects. I did a briefly summarize. All of these female sex toy projects have very high requirements: Printed Circuit Boards must be Lead-Free,and need to meet the ROHS or UL requirements. The thickness of the board can,t have any tolerance,or it can,t suit the [...]

  • Intelligence Security

The Intelligence Security will replace the Traditional Security

It is predicted that the global smart home market in 2017 is expected to reach nearly 100 billion US dollars, the annual compound growth rate is about 20%, the potential is huge. And the market for smart home industry in China would be exceed 290 billion yuan on 2021,it's a huge market. The Intelligence security [...]

  • IoT

Do Something for the Intelligence Home Equipment

The lights, gas and temperature control system automatically shut down to save energy after you left home,the lock automatically locked, at the same time the security system start to work, guarding the family security; when you at home, the sound equipment play your favorite melody immediately,the refrigerator would remind what food material have at home,and [...]

  • dukepcb-boothshop

A Booth Shop in Hua Qiang Electronic World

In order to meet more foreign clients's requirement,Duke Circuit Co.,Ltd rent a booth shop in huaqiang electronic world,the booth shop number is A231,you are welcome to discuss more details at our booth shop,if you are busy and have no time to visit our factory. dukepcb-boothshop Huaqiang electronic world is a famous electronic market [...]

  • special_services from Duke Circuit

Special Services for PCB and PCB Assembly

Some times,you want to make some Prototype PCB,but you can,t get  the gerber file for the PCB,it does,t matter,you just give us one piece of your PCB sample,we can copy it and produce the Prototype PCB for you. If you only have one PCBA sample,but have no any other files like the gerber file,BOM list,welcome [...]

  • how to find the right supplier

How to choose your most suitable supplier

As the company's purchase person, the most nervous and fear thing is the try cooperation with a new supplier, if you're lucky enough to find a good supplier that the price, quality, delivery and service are consistent with your requirements, then congratulations, you have found a long-term cooperation partner, if you found a bad [...]

  • dukepcb.com-price

PCB price is determined by the following multiple factors

1.The price for PCB  is different by produce by different materials. The double side PCB for example, the material generally include FR-4, CEM-3, etc., thickness of board ranging from 0.6mm to 3.0mm, copper thickness from 1Oz to 3 Oz, any one of those are different can cause huge price difference; also the soldermask inks,the [...]

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